Our Mission

We are committed to kindle the inherent talent within the child. Education is a continuous process and keeping this in mind, the ‘edutainment’ facilities have been designed to help in the gradual and continuous growth of children. All our efforts are directed to help our students forge ahead, provide them right opportunities and a congenial, loving caring environment.

It is a matter of concern for parents as well as teachers when psychologists observed that in the 21st Century emotional stress is found even in infants and school going children. A child who grows up under pressure and stress may not be able to turn into a well balanced adult later in life. It is for this reason that it becomes the duty of educational institutions to evolve methods of development programs, specially for preschool kids. These act as stress busters and at the same time help to develop child’s personality without fear and unreasonable pressure.

Here at Bloomfields our efforts are diverted towards this cause :

  1. To help and guide a child so that he/she nurture into a well balanced adult
  2. To offer a comfortable and stress free education experience to your child so that he/she can bloom into this society spreading a fragrance all around
  3. To use a teaching methodology with care and comfort provided to the students under the supervision of well experienced guides and teachers
  4. To take care of the emotional, social and moral skill development besides providing a fruitful academic opportunity to all the students.

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Online Learning

The sheer diversity of nationalities in Bloomfields schools provides with a unique opportunity to interact with everyone from around the world.

Multimedia Learning

Children are exposed to Information and Communication Technology from an early age. These ICT facilities enable to create a sense of interest in students as they see and learn.

Activity Rooms

The concept of the activity room is about 'Learning', through play, in a totally different environment. All games are conducted as a part of the planned educational programme.

Music And Art Room

Music and Art is an integral part of the curriculum. We have well-equipped music and art rooms where students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents.

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child

Bloomfields kindergarten, Learn through play