We strongly believe that a Child. is more likely to develop if there is an effective partnership between the school and the parents.

Parent teacher meetings ( PTM ) are held regularly to monitor the progress of each child. Parents can also discuss concerns, if any with teachers on Saturdays between 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. except 2nd Saturday ( intimating the school before hand ) on phone. Meeting with Headmistress/ Principal is appreciated with prior appointment.

Please ensure that your child comes to the school in proper and neat school uniform (A handkerchief should be pinned up on child’s dress)

Name of the child should be written on each belonging of the child, Do not allow your child to bring costly/dangerous items to the school. School will not be responsible for any article lost.

Absence of your child from school for attending social functions should be discouraged. It is essential that the school be informed when a child is unable to attend the school . Children should not be absent on the closing day/ reopening day or whenever there is school function.

Since the child will be observed on the basis of his regular performance, parents are advised to attend to their child regularly. Check your child’s Diary carefully at the weekend or whenever it is sent.

Someone should be at the gate to receive the child back from the school transport

If a child is wanted back at home urgently for any reason during school hours, the escort should have a written note from the parents bearing the signatures identical to his/her specimen signature entered in the admission Form/Diary.

Child should not be sent to school if suffering from any infectious disease or if there are such cases at home. In case of illness, application must reach the school without delay.

To inculcate self‚Äźdiscipline among children, parents are expected to be strict in punctuality, regular attendance, habitual cleanliness and truthfulness.

The child should be encouraged to cultivate a feeling of respect for teachers.

If the child is not making desired progress, please discuss with the Teacher/Principal with prior appointment or on the parent teacher meetings.

Guardians will not visit their wards or teachers in the classrooms without the permission of the In charge / Head Mistress.

You can be proud of your child if you care for him/her